Pilot Rock Sherpa Stroller Blanket


In Oregon’s Western Cascades, Pilot Rock rises thousands of feet above the Rogue and Shasta Valleys. The area’s original Native American inhabitants, the Takelma,
called it Tan-ts’at-seniphtha, or “Stone Standing Up.” The Takelma lived in the rock’s shadow as they fished, hunted and foraged along the Rogue River. In this
pattern, arrows represent salmon swimming into nets, and large baskets overflow with abundant acorns and camas. Woven in our Pacific Northwest mills, this
blanket is a twin/robe size—a perfect accent for the foot of a bed, on the back of a couch or used as a wall hanging.
64″ x 80″
Unnapped; fabric is left uncombed for sharper pattern definition
Felt binding
Pure virgin wool/cotton
Fabric woven in our American mills
Dry clean

Made in USA


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